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Honeymooners Honey Party for Two

Weddings are a whirlwind of activity, and all too often the bride and groom are so busy talking with guests that they then get to their hotel room at the end of the night and find they haven’t eaten a bite. This is a honey dinner party for friends to provide to really make their night extra special. If the couple is traveling following the reception, the meal can be hampered or put in a cooler to go or served for the newlyweds upon their return from the honeymoon. A honey filled party for two love birds–the birds and the bees…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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I recommend making the Moroccan onion and honey chicken dish from the cookbook, Arabesque. It is succulent and delicious but also easy. Next up, set off the Waldorf Astoria’s Wax Poetic cocktail or a non alcoholic alternative, with a lovely bee straw charm made from cardstock with markers and gel pens. Then on to a delightful and tasty Honey Chocolate cake by Nigella Lawson topped with gold, edible, pearl beads and a card stock bee hive with bee accents. Carve out a homemade hexagon pattern stencil to add details to napkins with markers and gel pens, and then set their heads abuzz with paper crowns made from sturdy handmade gift wrap paper, card stock and hexagonal patterned scrapbook paper and complementary coloured washi tape. It’s meant two bee!


Craftin’ and Cookin’ the Sci Fi Way, Part 4: Shut the Spaceship Door.


It is time once again for another installment in our ongoing series of how to cook and craft like a true Sci Fi Fan/Geek. This week I found this lovely show on YouTube, called The Geek DIY Craft Show, hosted by the lovely Bonnie Burton who wrote the Star Wars Craft Book. Here is an episode featuring former Star Trek: The Next Generation star, Wil Wheaton. Check them all out, though,because they are excellent.


You may have seen this book before as I have it pop up in my Amazon recommendations list quite often, World Of Geekcraft. With projects ranging from a Cylon hoodie, to a Harry Potter Toddler costume, to planets plates, to a trio of Tribbles, this craft book has got your geek ass covered. You can create to your geek heart’s content with these “25 Super Cool Craft Projects”.—Step-Instructions/dp/0811874613/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1373668741&sr=8-1&keywords=geek+crafts

ImageIf you want to cook like a manga geek and have admired the bento boxes I posted a while back that were Sci Fi and Anime themed, then look no further than the Manga Cookbook to learn how to contruct your own Bento boxes for your resident Otaku.


And finally, if you have or are a Star Wars fan with a mean sweet tooth, then check out an oldie but a goodie, The Wookiee Cookies: A Star Wars Cookbook that was first printed in 1998. It is even spiralbound, folks. It actually has other recipes like Death Star Popcorn balls and Greedo Burritos. I know.

Now Get to Craftin’ and get to Cookin’ you big geek, you! Own it, celebrate it, feast and play!  Until next time Deep Fryers!

Deep Fried-Day News Nuggets, May 24, 2013


An article about why fighting over the Disney princess change in Merida’s appearance is vitally important.

Two films might have a struggle over the casting of Quiksilver for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Here is a new Dystopian novel that uses actual real science which is refreshing.

3-D Printers were all up in the news this week with Japanese Toy companies turning people’s faces into toys, NASA developing 3-D pizzas for reasons I still don’t understand and now this story about this toddler being saved via this technology.

The NRA in their infinite, twistedness has posted a list of the best gun movies which includes The Terminator and Road Warrior.

Here’s a snippet from Dan Aykroyd where he talks a bit about Ghostbusters 3. Sorry, Dan, but if you can’t get Bill Murray on board, I ain’t interested. And please no Shia Le Beauf.

Joss Whedon spoke about his new, upcoming Fall series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Since I am already missing Doctor Who and it just ended the Season 7B, here is a video of Strax that I just found.

Sir Christopher Lee has an album that has me wrinkling my forehead and scratching my head.

And again, the X-Wing made of Lego because that S#!t is awesome.


Her Universe Is Strong With the Force

For the second year in a row, on May the Fourth, Her Universe, a label started by Ashley Ackstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano, is releasing several Star Wars themed tops for sale at Hot Topic. Follow her on Facebook at and find the line of clothes at your local Hot Topic store.

Here’s a press release:

Craftin and Cookin The Sci Fi Way: Part Two, Electric Boogaloo

ImageSince I wrote my last post on Sci Fi crafting and cooking, a new Sci Fi crafting book came out. The Star Trek Craft Book is hot off the presses and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. I can’t review it for you as I have yet to see it, but here is a link to an interview with the author. She has to have a chapter called, Make It Sew, right?

In addition, I came across the YouTube channel Crafting with Cocktails by GrantMagicGrant where they are make Star Trek Uniforms, Doctor Who bow ties and jedi costumse. Their content is for adults only and if you are sensitive to graphic language and subjects, just skip their clips.

And finally, Hannah Hart’s My Drunk Kitchen recently did a Fish Fingers and Custard, Doctor Who-themed show with The Nerdist’s Chris Hardwicke. It is quite funny as all of her My Drunk Kitchen episodes are. VERY strong language in this one, so again, if you are easily offended, skip it.

Defiance Review Part II: Is Defiance the Name of the Show or Just the State of My Attitude?

SPOILERS. Mostly minor, but if you don’t like any, don’t read on.

This morning, I think I dropped some of my Firefly chip on my shoulder and began watching the second half of Defiance with a fresh perspective. I watched it more as its own entity and tried to keep the other show out of my mind while doing so. The action picked up in the second half of the pilot (and by golly the sex which was refreshing), due to a murder.  I have to now admit, that with some fine tuning, I may grow to like this show more.

First though, the aliens need to be more alien. It’s a rich comment coming from someone who religiously watches Doctor Who where the main alien doesn’t even look alien (we look Timelord evidently), but for a gritty, more realistic-style Sci Fi show like this, where they are actually trying to create convincing alien looks, some of them could be more so. Maybe the were going for understated alienness to maintain their grit, but Jamie Murray comes off as a slinky vampire really and the almost albino Castithian boy just looks like a white goth to me. I can’t help but wonder why they didn’t cast people who actually are blond for these parts because I think they would come off as much more freaky and otherworldy when in the makeup. I can tell that Jamie Murray’s eyebrows are covered in some kind of silvery make up, and it doesn’t look great. The Indogene aliens’ skin looks like the tread on basketballs done in white and makes me want to giggle every time I see them. Someone should be making a joke at these people about this. Come on, dig deeper, folks. Punch everything up. Throw in some cheeky lines here and there.

Because despite the slightly raunchy sex scene between Nolan and Kenya, I don’t see much spark between them. But then Mia Kirshner always seems to be chewing up the sexual scenery when she is in vamp mode. Even if she has the volume on low and that does not chemistry make. Of course the spark is probably supposed to develop between Nolan and Amanda, but Julie Benz seems to have her sexy muted for this show. That might be a mistake. She is much better at it than Kirshner, I think. By the time of the battle at the end, they vaguely have a Han and Leia dynamic, but not enough of one. Not yet. The only humor in the second half, or really much of any of the pilot comes from the black deputy. Really?  I mean how insulting and stereotypical for him. Ugh. But at least he is doing a good job and a nuanced one. He is playing against type a bit and I commend him for it. I have to say, He and Irisa have good chemistry. I might be shipping them now. 

I just recommend that the volume be turned up on everything. Even when the hideous villains show up, who are supposedly so bad that Defiance doesn’t stand a chance, people are just walking away and Nolan and Kenya stop to talk. Shouldn’t they be running for their lives?  Shouldn’t the villians be running instead of marching? Or is there supposed to be some Revolutionary War parallel here with the Volge cast as the British soldiers? How very quaint and how very dull. The villains are not even threatening despite being over CGI-ed into some kind of idea of a monster (did they see any of the Hulk films?  I don’t find the new Hulks to be scary or worrisome, just fake). I would mention Reavers here, but I promised to behave.

So here is my recommendation to the writers and directors and producers of this show. First, get better CGI or retool those villains. Too hokey and takes one out of the realism you were going for in most of the show. Because you were starting to get me in the second half, but kind of lost me again during the battle. Give people some individual desires and stakes to lose that we care about. Make the aliens more alien. Because we need villains that at least give the audience cause to worry. And finally, make the hurting people hurt a bit more. Then I might care a little bit more. The twist at the end was a nice start.



If Amelie (a 2000 French film about a very introverted, slightly geeky, young  woman) is more your thing, here are two wedding photoshoots inspired by the film. One

And two